In short

Hi there, the name is Ruilin, or “Rueylin” in alternative spelling and read like “Ray-lin”. In 2024, I’ll be graduating from my current bachelor of science(Statistical Science Major, Computer Science Minor and Mathematics Minor). The next step is, hopefully, an engineering Master.

你好,我叫彭瑞麟。目前就讀於多倫多大學聖喬治校區,主修統計科學,輔修計算機科學以及數學,2024年5月畢業。長話短說主要用的Arch Linux+sway/xfce4(繪畫板的driver需要)。死宅,每天玩舟,fgo,BA,節假日玩主機(switch, steam deck,…)。喜歡收藏紙片人。日語N3.



Hello Friend

This is the Thinkpad I use the most nowadays and carries around, a t460

arm2 arm

And this is actually the first device I got Arch Linux up and running. Nowadays I use it as a secondary computer.

arm A family photo.


The fuels I take nowadays include… fuel fuel Gamersupps fuel Home-brewed coffee fuel Gfuel

Mobile Games (09/23)

這年頭吧,碎片化時間也就玩玩手遊了吧。。。 apk apk 是的,我有兩個粥的號,最先開的日服的,後來爲了更快的打活動開了b服,日常掛機。

apk FGO,龜速打主線ing。

apk 龜速ba…

apk 其實我玩的不是手機端。。。

Lone Wolf/獨狼

apk Long story you know. Back in middle school, my nickname was already “lone ranger”. Not just my introvert and speechless nature, but also I guess sometimes Im just different(And as matter of fact, I wanna be different). Let me be honest, I feel like in most places Ive lived(or people I ran into), people rather not to make friends who are different from them. It’s not like I don’t change myself, actually the opposite, I am kind of the person who would always feel happy to try something new given that it’s beneficial and meaningful to me. Yet the opposite, most people think I am a werido because I use Linux than Windows/MacOS, because I am heavily weebified, because I am different. From the past experience, I simply cannot fit into any group, not Chinese cause I am a “banana man”, not normal western group, cause I am weebified and don’t like partying, not Japanese group cause I am only into ACG stuffs(girls: “Ew, gross Otaku”). So at the end of the day, I’d rather not even bother blending in any group and spend the time alone(with my waifus) or just with the friends who really respect my thoughts. After all, I believe in individualism.